My Screensavers Collection! FREE TO DOWNLOAD

7 December 2018

Do you know how crucial it is to wake up everyday and see something that inspires you? I’m really inspired by street art. There’s a girl in LA who I follow named Meg Zany, and her street art is unreal. She’s always bringing up relevant issues and topics and translating them into art- it’s incredible.

I’m no artist but I do know that most of us wake up by an alarm set on our phone, which means that the first thing we’re looking at is a screen. Right?

It’s crucial that you wake up and feel inspired. We all have days where we don’t, but for the majority of the time I’d like to think that every single one of you incredible human beings wakes up feeling like they’re totally ready to tackle the day.

I (meaning myself and my genius little design elf Gyovanna) designed 5 screensavers that you can download for free to put on your laptops, cell phones and wherever else you might need a little bit of inspiration. If you love these let me know and we can design more!

4/5 are below and you can find all of them on:




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