School Style

24 January 2017

Primark pants + sneakers, Chico’s top, Lord & Taylor hat, Ted Baker blazer

Photography via Amy of The Tall Teacher

As someone like myself, who as always been anti-school (not in the way that sounds) but in the way of refusing to conform to the “normal” standard, I never saw myself working on a project that requires me to be in schools. I strongly respect the foundation that comes from the beginning of your education to the end of it, and that you should ALWAYS be learning.

Beginning the process of M.I.N.T has made me realize of the importance of keeping an upstanding reputation in school. It’s important to portray what you stand for with everything from your shoes to your top. Love expressing your personality? Wear tons of color. Hate talking to everyone!? Why not wear black!

I’ve found that keeping a neutral color palette has given me the ability to be respected more in a school setting. When I was younger, I was so obsessed with fashion that I’d wear just about anything, which gave kids a whole lot of reasons to make fun of me. Now that I’ve gotten older, I still love dressing up, even though my style has totally toned down a few notches. If you do happen to be like me, and love expressing your personality through your style, don’t let those kids put you down. Trust me, they all come running back to be your friends eventually, anyway. Being different = being cool.

Moral of the story: never stop reaching for what you believe in. Let it shine through your style, your personality, and your friends.

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