3 April 2017

Wearing Primark denim, Jack Wills top, and Nike sneakers

Second outfit is J.Crew skirt, Boohoo boots, Aeropostale top, and vintage Zara blazer

Floral pic via Hannah Pollinger

I had the most relaxing weekend. I have a very Type A personality, so usually I can’t force myself to stay in bed and watch Netflix for more than one hour. Surprisingly, I managed to watch multiple seasons of 24 (SEASONS, not episodes) on Saturday, and finish up a book I’ve been reading, too!

I’ve made a promise to myself this year to take one day per week to relax without my cell phone. Right now, my Instagram is wacking out and I’m getting ridiculous likes on my pictures, which just reminds me more about why I seriously hate social media. Like, why is someone buying me likes?! This is bizarre, but I’m too lazy to get it sorted out so I’m just going to keep tweeting Instagram until they fix it.

Taking an hour, or even 30 minutes to yourself to bake, read, or write without your cell phone is so refreshing. There’s nothing I like more than spending an afternoon at a coffee shop completely relaxing with a coffee and a book. Social media is nothing but corrupt, and many times, more stressful than enjoyable.

I’d love to get your opinion on social media- do you prefer to spend most of your weekend on social media, or would you rather spend it at a book store like me? If you have a few minutes, fill out the survey below. It helps my team at M.I.N.T. figure out the topics that teens are facing most.

If you fill out the survey below, email me at and you’ll AUTOMATICALLY win an awesome beauty set by Hard Candy!




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