Sara Happ Only Had $8,000 To Launch A Nationwide Brand: Founder Files with Alexa Curtis

13 January 2020

Sara Happ was in her late twenties, working at ESPN in Bristol, Connecticut when she began making lip scrub in her kitchen after work. With little money in her savings account, she flew to California to attempt to sell a product that had never been on the market. After landing a few boutiqes across Los Angeles, Sara continued to perfect her lip scrub in her tiny Connecticut kitchen. Within 1 year she left ESPN, took out all of her life savings (under $10k) and launched Sara Happ.
Reese Witherspoon was Sara’s first buy at a small boutique in Brentwood, and People Magazine featured Sara’s girly scrub in their next issue. The rest is history.
Are you willing to risk everything to be successful? At one point you’ll have to choose between security and success as an entrepreneur: how long are you willing to wait?
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