Sacramento with Lane Bryant

25 January 2018

Styling by Michael St Michael and hair/makeup by Karelys Makeup

Sacramento is so darn cold! I can’t believe how chilly this weather is even though it’s a short 40 minute flight from LA. I appeared on Good Day Sacramento this morning to discuss looking and feeling good inside and outside of the gym with Lane Bryant. We all deal with insecurities, and many of those stem from what you may see in magazines and social media. I’ve been using a natural models agency, based out of LA, for my segments lately, and I dig the term natural instead of curvy or plus-size. I hate the word thick too! I’m constantly getting called thick and it honestly makes me uncomfortable because I don’t understand why I have to be any size besides the one I am. I don’t need to be called skinny, thick, or curvy! Why can’t all body types be equal and equally named too? If you’re a size 0 you’re called thin, if you’re a size 6 you’re called slim, and if you’re a size 8 or larger you’re curvy or plus-size. When I look for models, I want to showcase how they have beautiful faces, hearts and bodies- and that’s a lot more important than simply looking good in clothing. They’re role models, not just runway models.

You can buy all of the clothing above at Lane Bryant and the socks are from BOMBAS!




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