New Year, Same Routine?

2 January 2018

Happy New Year!!! I seriously can’t believe it’s already 2018. While everyone is discussing their resolutions for the New Year, do you feel like you are the only one that eye rolls when people start with that “New Year, New Me” concept? Let’s be real, our resolutions become forgotten by the time it’s Valentine’s day. According to statistics, only 8% of the human population stick to their resolution. So round of applause if you’re one of them! But why is it that the rest of the 92% of human population cannot? Do school assignments and long days at work get in the way that we forget what our resolution was? I know with the amount of work we get every day can be tiring and I, myself forget everything going on around me when I have so much on my plate.

Resolutions such as weight loss and exercise and saving money are just some of the typical things that everyone seems to overhype on and then forget about a quarter into the year. But how do people get  into the mentality that they can start working out in the beginning of a new year when they can’t in August? To me, that makes no sense but to others, it’s the opportunity to start fresh on a new year. Or perhaps we set too many resolutions that we try to keep up with every year that we can never fully focus on just one?

Making resolutions involves changing your mentality. I like to say that it’s more important to make lifestyle changes compared to changes that are closer to fads. Making a resolution is enforcing a commitment. If you don’t want to seriously change anything, why make a commitment to yourself that won’t stick?

I personally feel that at this point in life, there is no need for me to set a resolution but instead focus on bettering myself from the previous year. As long as I’m organized in work, healthy in life and making memories with others, there should be no need to fret.

Do you have a resolution or are you just going to live life to the fullest?




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