My Thoughts on Removing Likes

12 November 2019

I’ve been getting a lot of DMs about what I think about Instagram removing likes. I wanted to jump on here and explain my honest thoughts, especially because people seem to be both freaking out and not about this happening.

I run my company (podcast, blog and summit) online and heavily on social media. Without Instagram I don’t think I would’ve landed my show Fearless Everyday on Radio Disney! Instagram is a fantastic platform to not only grow your personal brand but meet new people, sometimes your significant other! or stay in touch with relatives. But, Instagram (in particular) increases feelings of anxiety and depression among many people- especially young adults.

There are so many studies that have been released about why social media affects young people’s brains, and that’s why I launched my nonprofit in 2016 M.I.N.T. I felt like no one was talking about WHY Instagram was making me feel sad when I went on it and I figured if no one is going to answer this for me, I’ll find the answer. Then I made myself a finsta account (an account that’s private and just for my friends) and my life totally changed. Now, I have my business account that I take fairly seriously, but I also have my outlet on my personal account.

I wouldn’t blame Instagram on my depression or anxiety. It’s just an added factor in a larger equation.

People take social media very seriously. What you don’t realize is that social media is not and should never be the end game for anyone. I like to think of Instagram as an object like a camera or an iPhone. Your camera could break tomorrow and your cell phone carrier could go out of business tomorrow. Would you still find ways to call your mom or take a picture of a night out with friends? Probably. Because it’s a factor in a large equation in this thing called life.

With or without Instagram, I can make a living. If you rely on Instagram as an influencer or brand to make a living, I highly suggest you start thinking about how to make your brand have meaning offline and online. The web might not always be around, but you want to be.

Taking away likes will not affect me and it shouldn’t affect you either. It’ll give young people healthier mindsets and hopefully remind us all that life goes on with or without likes and constant content. You’ll be okay, I promise.


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