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13 September 2019

Life has been a little nuts lately! I hope you are all living fearlessly this beautiful Friday. I took a red-eye flight from LA to CT last night to host a surprise birthday party tonight (shhh….don’t tell!!) and I’ve been traveling a little more than I like to lately. It’s only when you take a red-eye flight that you wake up and you’re like what did I sign myself up for and WHYYY, but I’m so used to flying now I know how to prepare myself. Though red-eyes never get easier…you just get more used to less sleep.

I’ve realized over the past few weeks quickly I’ve grown as a person and in business. I’ve been dealing with some relationship issues that have stemmed me to understand and learn more about myself which is why I came to the conclusion that I feel like I got even more mature in the past weeks. Along with that, I’ve never felt as vulnerable as I am right now in front of and behind the camera. I’m waking up to new emails everyday from those of you ready and pumped up to hear about the next Be Fearless Summit, and I feel disappointed in myself because there are aspects of what I’m pursuing in this new chapter/concept that are out of my control. I’m incredibly Type A (if you couldn’t tell) and the pressure I put on myself to be successful is often times too much for me to handle. But if I love something as much as I love this summit, I’m not ever going to take no for an answer. Even if that means jumping through 3,000 hurdles to get to that yes.

When I first had this idea I thought I could call a few of my successful CEO friends and ask them to show up and present talks. Let me tell you, I was so wrong. I pulled off the first summit and am just as eager as you to get working on the next one, but unfortunately there are people who are making the yes and no decision for me regarding these summits and I can’t personally force any college to take a risk on this summit. This concept is still so new and I’m learning so much about what I want it to be, and that means I have to find the right team of people and the right schools that are willing to take these leaps with me. When it comes down to working with colleges, there are an endless amount of hurdles and people you have to answer to to eventually get the YES to host something like this. I want you to know that I’m working very hard on this and I hope to finally get a few of these final yes’ soon enough. If there’s one thing I want you all to take away from following my journey, it’s that every no eventually becomes a yes. Sometimes you have to prove yourself a little more to get that yes.

On the topic of growth, many of you reach out to me and ask if I ever feel lost. Let me tell you something now that you should remember for the rest of your life: everyone always feels lost. Even when people know what they’re doing, they still feel lost. Because feeling lost doesn’t necessarily mean you’re on the ground crying and confused about what to do, it can mean that your career is booming but your relationship may not be. And that will make you feel lost in a separate part of your life.

It may mean that you are very confused about what to pursue for a career yet you have the best girlfriend in the world, so you feel set in one area and yet lost in another.

And that’s totally OK. 

I’m so vocal about my life and my ups and downs. I’ve built a career on being my authentic and true self in an attempt to inspire you to be that way too. What comes with that is my fear of sometimes over-sharing or not sharing enough because I feel like I don’t necessarily always want to make myself vulnerable in the public eye. I try and keep certain parts of my relationship and my private life public, but I’m such an open book that I never want to shy away from any topic. Moral of the story, I am just as nervous and anxious about this next chapter in my career but I know that what is meant to be will come to me. I certainly feel unstable in my personal life right now (one word: distance) and so I’m learning to focus all of my energy into my passion: working. Sometimes that’s just what you have to do.

P.S. I came across a company called ParkWhiz which offers short-term and long-term parking options in cities like LA and Boston, and they offered to let me park for free near LAX so that I could valet my car and keep it safe overnight while I’m away this weekend. If you’ve ever been to LA, you know how terrible the traffic is. Getting anywhere is such a pain, and especially getting to the airport in rush hour! Really thrilled I got to try this incredible app out for the first time and that my travel experience was a little less hectic this time around!


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