6 January 2017

Tobi skirt, Vintage jacket, Zara boots

The weather is so bipolar that my body takes a full 24 hours to adjust to each cycle of weather. By the time I’ve adjusted, it’s either 50 degrees or -50 degrees, and my body goes right back into shock. I’ve always hated tights; to me, they’re uncomfortable, a waste of money because they always break, and never happen to come in my shade (pale AF). This red skirt that I got for $10 a few years ago has been sitting in my closet glaring at me to be used, and I thought yesterday was the day. Street style wise, I was correct. Weather wise, I was totally, totally wrong.

Fashion is pain.

This week has been fantastic so far, especially since my first Meetup was a major success!

My friends over at B.Good sponsored the meetup, which was sweet because I wasn’t sure how many women would show up. The rain started coming down the minute 6 PM hit, and I was thrilled at the outcome of women who showed up even with the terrible weather outside. Thank you to everyone who came. I left incredibly inspired and touch by each and everyone of their stories, and it only shows me more how women need to stick together. If you’re not a feminist in 2017- get with it, people!

Make sure to RSVP for my Apple event on January 11th by clicking here! 

Happy Friday!


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