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29 August 2018

I’d like to think that I have an unusual story. I’m from a small town in Connecticut, I didn’t come from any connections or money, and I’m living my dream everyday. I had a pretty traumatic childhood, and I haven’t had it easy by any means. But my journey has taught me a few things about life, and it’s taught me that you don’t have to come from anything to become something. We can wait around on our dreams, letting other people have control of them or make them happen, or we can go out and achieve them on our own. I’d like to say option 1 might be easier, but I never found that I was willing to wait for other people to give me the green light on dreams I wanted to make my reality like I could give myself.

Being an entrepreneur is filled with so much trial and error. My journey began back in 2011, and initially I wanted to be an actress, and then a model, and then my journey let me to something completely different: a founder of a website and a nonprofit. Crazy how one little dream turns into something else, right?

Back in October, I found a list online of a bunch of producers. I went through this crazy long list everyday, pitching new producers and executives over a period of 3 months with new ideas. My email made its way into the hands of a Disney executive, who I began meeting with in November, right before I was planning to leave LA for good. I went in to the first meeting with no expectations, and I left with a little glimmer of hope that someone saw something in me. After the second meeting, I was passionate about the idea (that would end up becoming Fearless Fridays) and left that meeting knowing I had work to do.

After the 3rd meeting in March of this year, I left knowing that my childhood and my background, the positive and negative parts of my journey, made me who I am today. And every little thing along the way gave me insight and new knowledge into being able to find the strength to inspire you to follow your dreams and never give up on yourself.

Fearless Everyday with your host, me premiers on Radio Disney on September 7th at 9 PM PST. It’ll air every Friday, Saturday and Sunday- focusing on guests with inspirational stories and backgrounds. If you or someone you know (under 24 years old) deserves to be recognized, email me! 

For more on my new show & how I made this happen, listen to Episode 38 below!


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