29 November 2018

WOW! What a week this has been. I had an incredible talk at the University of Connecticut (in my hometown) on Tuesday evening before I drove down to Pennsylvania to meet with Drexel University about the summit and then headed directly to a talk at Rutgers. Over the past few days I have met so many talented and inspiring individuals at each school- I learn something new during and after every talk.

Chevrolet gave me their Traverse vehicle to drive around in for the week and I swear that’s the only reason why I’ve managed to make every meeting/talk within a 10-minute grace period. I’ve literally shown up every place I needed to be within 10 minutes of the meeting starting and that’s unusual for me. I’m either 1 hour late (never for Disney or school talks, but frequently during other times in my life) or 1 hour early. I attribute the *perfect timing* this week to my lovely Chevrolet, so thank you Chevrolet for setting this up!

I’m asked many of the same questions during talks: about rejection, my personal life (friends and dating) and how I moved out at 17, spending time in New York City as a starving artist, Boston and now LA- moving out without knowing anyone in either NYC or LA. I sat down today to answer some of the questions I’m asked and hopefully this video will inspire you to get out of your comfort zone and pursue the passions you’ve always dreamt of pursuing!

I’m not going to lie and say it’s been easy living in LA. The first year of me living in LA was incredibly difficult. I battled a lot of inner demons during that first year and now that I’ve surpassed the first year I finally feel like I’m settling in. By demons I mean lack of confidence, major anxiety, frustration, depression…LA is a difficult place to meet people, connect with likeminded individuals and network. But the opportunities in both LA & NYC are unlike any other city and you have to be willing to sacrifice certain things to get certain things in return.

Hope this video gives you a little more insight into my life and my goals!


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