Benefits of Probiotics with Probulin

6 February 2020

This is part of a paid partnership with Probulin. Find out more about them here

I’m 22, so I don’t take a lot of supplements. I never have! I’ve been taking the same multivitamin for years (alternating between a Whole Foods brand one and a Trader Joe’s one) along with Vitamin C capsules that I buy in bulk. Sometimes I’ll get real fancy and buy Vital Proteins collagen (luckily the brand just sent me a years worth of collagen, so I’m set in that department) but one supplement I’ve never stopped taking is a probiotic. I did a blog post a year or so ago on another probiotic brand I was using to maintain gut health (which is your stomach) and I recently had the chance to try out a probiotic called Probulin. Research shows that probiotics support your skin, immune health and overall well-being, which are 3 key points in maintaining your happiness!

Reasons you should be taking a probiotic: 

Poor diet- if you find yourself eating a little less healthy than you wish, probiotics can help replenish the vitamins and minerals you’re not getting from vegetables.

Stress- high levels of stress can harm your digestive system! Too much stress will lead you to eat worse and often times exercise less. Taking a Probulin everyday will work to maintain your inside and outside health. 

Something I didn’t know before teaming up with Probulin is that prebiotics are just as important as probiotics. Just like all living things, probiotic bacteria require nourishment. A prebiotic is a fraction of soluble fiber that is a food source for the probiotics. During the shipping process, Probulin surrounds the probiotic with sustainably harvested brown seaweed to protect them from stomach acid and bile.

I was traveling when Probulin sent me a new set of their popular probiotics to try, which they always send cold and protected so that the bacteria in the probiotic stays fresh. This particular probiotic is stored out of the fridge, so I keep mine next to my nightstand and have it right before bed.

To find out more specifically on how Probulin stands out from other probiotic brands with their MakTrek 3-D Probiotic Delivery System, head to their site

Are you currently taking a probiotic? Let me know if you like the one you’re taking or would try Probulin. Get 20% off your first purchase with the code ALEXA20!


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