The Classic Plaid

23 October 2019

Wearing Bishop & Young

I know I don’t talk about fashion nearly as often as I did when I launched this as a fashion blog back in 2011, but there are certain times when I feel like I just have to showcase a piece of clothing that made me feel extra confident. Yesterday I appeared on Good Day LA (on 3 hours of sleep!) to discuss professional workwear for women my age, which isn’t what you’d expect to hear from someone who is 22. One of my friends who modeled in the segment wore this same jumpsuit and rocked it. I felt confidence radiating from her by standing next to her because I knew she felt confident and stylish in a jumpsuit because I did when I wore this outfit.

You’re probably thinking, why does someone at 22 need to be thinking about the importance of a blazer or a solid jumpsuit? The reason is, you’re never too young to begin thinking about your future. When I look through outfits I used to wear, I cringe and life simultaneously because I remember how empowered I felt when I wore certain pieces of clothing as a kid. Now that I’m running a company that is based on me as the brand, I know the importance of always showcasing people what you want them to view you as.

Since I’m traveling, presenting at colleges or taking meetings with brands, pitching a show…it’s important for me to have pieces in my closet I can throw on and head out the door in. You don’t realize how much people judge you based on what you’re wearing until you notice that you’re taken less seriously if you show up to a meeting in yoga pants vs. dress pants. Being young is not an excuse to not showcase your most badass and fearless side!

There is an expectation (partially due to social media) that you’re either wealthy and successful at my age OR you’re failing out of college and lacking purpose, with no space in between for those of us who are just figuring it out. 90% of people at my age are just figuring it out- I might be successful, but I’m figuring so much out right now too. We’re on this journey together! If you wear clothing that doesn’t define you it just enhances you, you’ll realize that you have the potential to get your dream job at any moment you want. Go into H&M, pick up a cheap blazer and a pair of dress pants with some black heels and wear this outfit for a few days. Heck, sleep in it. I promise you’ll feel more confident overnight.


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