2 October 2019

Okay okay, not fully pink. But PINK! I am the kind of person that will see something and instantly become captivated by it. Randomly I saw a picture of Rosie H-W (the supermodel) with pink hair on Pinterest, and when I was in NY last week I texted my publicist who works with a stylist (Julien Farel )a picture and she was like we have to get you in to Julien. On Monday instead of going to the gym, I took the subway to the Upper East Side where I spent the afternoon dying my hair with Julien and the entire team at his stunning salon. The initial picture I saw was a full head of pink hair but I decided I didn’t want to bleach my hair and deal with that hassle, so we went a little more carefree with pink streaks throughout my hair.

Every time I make a random last minute decision like getting a tattoo or dying my hair a color, all of my friends text me asking what’s going on with me. Every single time my reply is can I not be fearless and do something spontaneous!? You guys, GET OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE! It’s so easy. You just think of something you want to do and you do it. You don’t spend enough time letting yourself get freaked out that you decide to not do it- you just go and do it. That doesn’t mean I suggest getting spontaneous tattoos (2/3 of mine were spontaneous but had meaning) but if you want to change your hair color, wear two different shoes or paint your nails pink and purple, no one is holding you back.

Live your life fearlessly.


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