Packaging: A Crucial Element for E-commerce Success

10 October 2023

Do you love buying items online? The global size of the ecommerce market is around 2.64 billion. In other words, millions of customers also prefer the convenience of online shopping to going to a brick and mortar store. There is no doubt that the exponential growth of ecommerce is driven  by several factors, including ease of payments and hyper-targeted marketing. These elements have played pivotal roles in attracting and engaging customers, ultimately leading to successful transactions. 


However, what happens after the transaction is equally crucial for ecommerce success, and one often-overlooked aspect of this post-purchase experience is packaging. 

Green packaging

Eco-consciousness has become a driving force behind customer choices, extending to their expectations regarding packaging. In an era where sustainability is paramount, eco-friendly packaging has emerged as a significant contributor to ecommerce success. Customers now anticipate environmentally responsible packaging from brands. 


Opting for green packaging not only reduces your environmental footprint, but it also enhances your brand image. 


Secure packaging

When customers make online purchases, they eagerly await their packages’ arrival, hoping to find their goods intact. ASecure packaging goes beyond just protecting the product. It also safeguards your brand’s reputation. 


Sturdy packaging is one aspect of secure packing. But adhesives, and more importantly packaging hot melt glue, play a critical role in ensuring the content remains undamaged and safely contained during transit. Customers don’t want to receive open packages that put their items at risk of theft or loss. Therefore, investing in good packaging is a non-negotiable aspect of ecommerce success. 


Conveniently sized packaging

Customer satisfaction is paramount in ecommerce, and one way to achieve it during delivery is through convenient packaging sizing. Ensuring that small parcels can fit through letterboxes is a strategic move to reduce the risk of parcel loss, delivery delay, and dissatisfaction. 


It not only eliminates the hassle of missed deliveries and rescheduling, but it also makes the shopping experience smoother and more practical. This simple yet effective method can significantly impact your business by minimizing frustrations associated with missed deliveries. 


Reusable packaging

Sustainability extends beyond the choice of materials. It encompasses the concept of reuse. Innovative brands, such as Who Gives A Crap, a toilet roll company, have taken packaging to a new level by making it interactive and reusable. Their packaging can be transformed into dollhouses for kids or even fun play boxes for smaller pets. 


This not only adds a playful touch to the unboxing experience, but it also encourages customers to keep and reuse the packaging, extending the brand’s visibility and impact. 

Easy to open packaging

In the digital age, convenience is king. As such, customers expect hassle-free experience from start to finish, including when they receive their packages. Easy-to-open packaging can become a game-changer, forever preventing customers from accidentally damaging their purchased goods as they try to pry open the packaging with a knife or a pair of scissors. A smooth unboxing experience is also an important aspect of a satisfying ecommerce purchase. 


Moreover, easy-to-open is one thing. But easy-to-reseal packaging can bring your business to the next level, facilitating safe returns and making it easier for customers to initiate exchanges or refunds. 


In conclusion, there is no denying that ecommerce is a complex experience. But businesses also need to consider the physicality of an ecommerce transaction, which is the moment customers receive their orders. Packaging is just as important as a good website. 



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