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2 November 2016

Adrianna Papell dress, Sheek Shoetique shoes, Lauren Diana hair + makeup

DCACar transportation

Being an entrepreanur at 19 has taught me a lot of things. It’s taught me how to travel alone, it’s taught me how to negotiate business deals (and not get screwed over), it’s taught me how to balance my work and my personal life…the list goes on. But along with some character building traits, being a teen entrepreanur comes with its downsides. I put a tremendous amount of pressure on myself to succeed. Failure is not an option in my book. The same as a college student would feel having to perform to a certain level to pass their classes, is the same I feel to perform to a certain level to pay my expenses, continue to follow my dreams, and more.

My blog is my most honest platform. I don’t do bullshit, and I don’t work with any brands that my heart and brand don’t completely align with. One of the reasons I started MINT is because I realized that I have a passion for speaking to people, whether it’s speaking to an audience in front of a camera or on a huge stage; it’s when I feel my happiest.

Yesterday, I appeared on Great Day Washington for a holiday gift guide segment. One of my favorite artists,  Lauren Diana, came and did my makeup and hair, and I put on this unreal Adrianna Papell dress I’ve been wanting to wear for ages.

I stayed at the Kimpton Glover Park, which is one of my favorite new hotels in Glover Park, Washington. Located just a short walk from Georgetown, this hotel has everything you need. Between an insanely delicious restaurant, free coffee and water in the lobby, and a free bike to use, I wish I lived here! The staff are also super nice, and my room was bright and renovated. I had the comfiest bed, and I loved the decorations. Since I stayed during Halloween, the staff sent me an adorable care package (featured below) that had tasty treats I got to snack on while working in my hotel room.

I was working with some awesome brands, and had pretty easy talking points. I rarely get nervous, simply because I appear in front of people the majority of my life. But yesterday, for some reason, I completely blanked. I have no clue what happened the minute I went to talk, but my mind blanked. Apparently, humans occasionally have times where they just can’t form words, and yesterday, I had my first experience.

I beat myself up ALL day yesterday, and this morning. It’s so much easier to call yourself a failure than it is to accept that things do happen. Sometimes great things, and sometimes not so great things. That’s life. An ongoing lesson of how to be a better, truer form of who you already are.

After being frustrated and upset yesterday, I work up to a great email from a new MINT school we’re working with together, which does remind me that every day is a step closer to your ultimate goal.

I hope my words inspire you to accept and love who you are every single day. I still train myself to accept who I am, even when things don’t go the way I plan them to. And next week, I’ll have forgotten about the whole thing anyway. Always stay true to who you are.

If there’s one thing I know about myself, it’s that I’m incredibly honest. As hard as it is for me to admit I made a mistake, I know that by doing so, I inspire one or two other people to not beat themselves up when things do happen. 

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