22 January 2019

I’m lucky that I get to interview so many cool people in my field. From founders of apps like Headspace to celebrities who inspire people everyday, to regular kids, I talk to people of all walks of life.

Notice how I said regular there? Like a 12-year-old who is selling socks and making millions isn’t normal, but a 12-year-old who isn’t blogging or going to school (like a regular kid) is totally normal. What the f*** is normal and why do we look so negatively upon kids who are normal vs. kids who are starting companies before they can drive?

Let’s dive a little deeper into this topic. Prior to social media, most of the influencers and celebrities you’re filling your newsfeeds with were famous for some other reason than posting on Instagram. They were going to castings trying to land their next gig, or spending hours in the kitchen experimenting with different types of flours to make the best organic cupcake mix. Imagine Ina Garten without Instagram. She’d still be super cool, super successful, and probably super happy she didn’t have fans standing outside of her house in East Hampton wondering how her and Jeffrey are still together 20+ years later. Then came social media, and all of these people who were still putting tons of hard work into their careers offline got a little bit of new attention thanks to the Internet.

What I mean is that actor or nurse, ER doctor or pimple popper doctor on TLC, social media has created a new definition of the word normal. I’m not a fan of this new definition either, because classifying young successful entrepreneurs as outside of the box thinkers and changers of the world doesn’t give any credit to the kids out there who are just living, breathing and trying to pass their next class in school. Sure, those kids probably won’t become the next Steve Jobs if they don’t have that entrepreneurial spirit in them (or maybe they will!) but that doesn’t mean they aren’t smart, incredible people who will change the world in their own way.

All I’m saying is if you’re someone who is desperate to be one of those not so average kids or outside of the box thinkers, you’re probably spending so much time thinking of how to be outside of the box that you’re losing out on the opportunities that would naturally be outside of the box for you.

You are not normal just because you like the idea of working a 9-5 job. You are not normal just because you like waking up at 9 AM and I like waking up at 5 AM. You are not normal because you will make $30,000 x year and not $300,000 per year. You are you and you is good enough just the way you are. If you aspire to do bigger and more outside of the box things, than it’s up to you to make that your destiny. If you don’t care, that’s also up to you. It’s not like entrepreneurs have some freaky rare trait that we are genetically born with. Many people become entrepreneurs after years of working for someone else.

For those of you who fear one day being “boring”, trust me: you won’t become boring unless you have no career and no passion. Keep learning and experimenting.



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