Why New Years Resolutions Don’t Matter

2 January 2017

Just a quick video I made with Give Us The Floor on why New Years resolutions don’t matter. People get so stuck up on the idea of losing weight and looking better, instead of doing something like becoming stronger or getting smarter. All goals are good goals, but don’t get wrapped up in another 2017 fad that won’t last. I’m all about goals that continue to grow, not plateau.

One goal I do have (I made 10!) is to be more honest. I have a tendency to not always be honest with people because I hate getting people upset or feeling bad, but I’m done being like that. If I don’t want to go out, I’m going to say I don’t want to go out. If I want to have a few days to myself, I’m going to say I want to have a few days to myself. Just be who you are, and try and care a little less than you did last year!

Enjoy, and happy 2017!


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