What Would You Order If Money Wasn’t An Option?

14 June 2017

Growing up, I had the impression money was life. Obviously, as a little kid, I never took the topic of money seriously because it wasn’t important. I’d get $5 every week from my mom and that would last me until the next week.

Once I got older, I started realizing that living off of $5 every week is kind of impossible. When you get older, you get expenses: phone bills, rent, shoes, clothing, food…things your parents aren’t going to want to pay for any longer. Since I decided to move out at 17 (what I great idea, Alexa) I basically forced myself to start making money at a young age. I’m glad I did, because now I feel like I know so much more about money than I wouldn’t have known if I didn’t move out on my own.

Last week, Gabe and I headed to Newport to Discover Newport. If you’ve never heard of Newport, it’s a popular New England town in Rhode Island. Expect The Hamptons meets Malibu meets Greenwich, CT: it’s pretentious but everyone is nice. It’s mostly local, organic food, but the food is actually insanely delicious. We ended up eating at 22 Bowen’s, which is a restaurant located right on the wharf. I eat just about everything, but Gabe is a little more restricted in his diet (with a few allergies) so he didn’t get to indulge in the dairy filled deliciousness I did: but we both adored what we ate. I opted for a huge piece of steak, and Gabe got salmon. For the appetizer, we had burrata and salad: which were both life changing.

Every time I’m lucky enough to review a restaurant, I remember how important it is to not let money lead you. Would I go to Newport everyday and drop $300 on a lunch meal with Gabe? Probably not. But if I wanted to: who cares? If you’d rather go to McDonald’s and buy unlimited fries, who cares? You decide what makes you happiest, and go with it!

For the remainder of the day, we ate a ton of gelato, wandered around the mansions, and went shopping. If you’re an East Coast girl, and you want a little weekend escape- I highly suggest heading to Newport.

Thank you so much Discover Newport for having me! 




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