Whisk Me Away

21 October 2016

Charles Victor dress, Primark sneakers

I never used to want to be spontaneous. Being different freaked me out, and being spontaneous was always an even scarier thought to me. Up until I stopped modeling, I was scared of eating something that could make me gain one pound, scared of changing my hair in case my agent hated it, and scared of what the future was going to hold.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still scared of what the future holds, but I’ve realized that you only have one life to live. If you’re stressed, or sad, during the majority of that one life, you’re going to wish you had decided to do something differently. The next time you can’t decide whether to buy a plane ticket, or whether to get up and drive somewhere, stop thinking and just go. Even if it’s something as simple as eating a piece of cake that you want to eat, just keep thinking “what’s the worst that can happen?” In the scheme of things, you might only have until tomorrow or next week to live. Might as well start living it to the fullest now.

P.S. I’m not implying we’re all going to die, but with global warming, you never know! Now go eat that cake!



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