Never Say Never

20 November 2016

Free People dress, Madewell necklace + shoes, Urban Outfitters hat, Blow in Blow Out hair

I never say no to an opportunity to travel. Whether that means heading to London, or heading to New Jersey, or even a different town in MA or CT, you can count me in if you ask me to go with you.

One of my best friends, Hannah, always invites me to visit her in Summit, New Jersey, where she lives. I’ve been once before, and I fell in love with the quaint town just a train ride away from Manhattan. There is something so incredible about being in the heart of Manhattan, and escaping to the heart of the country in a mere 30 minutes. I grew up hours away from Manhattan in my small Connecticut town, so heading to New Jersey makes me remember how much I wish I grew up here. My life would’ve been much easier (if I grew up closer to NYC) but growing up in the middle of nowhere made me who I am.

Whenever you get frustrated, or feel like you aren’t doing well enough, remember that your life is heading in the direction it’s meant to go in. You may not have all the answers right now, but that doesn’t mean you won’t have them in a few days, a few hours, or a few years. Don’t rush progress; accept who you are and where you are, and never give up pushing for the next phase of your life.

Follow your dreams all the way to the end, and even when you’ve reached success, never become content with success. Never feel comfortable; always push yourself to be uncomfortable until the world becomes the place you want it to become.



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