Natural Models & Lane Bryant on KTLA

21 November 2017

Wow, what a morning! I teamed up with Lane Bryant for a KTLA segment this morning. I’m thrilled that this segment happened today, because yesterday I found myself surfing through YouTube & Instagram seeing some content that I wish I hadn’t seen. Between Oscar De La Renta models on Instagram, and Victoria Secret models working out on YouTube, I had to sit back for a second and turn off my cell phone last night. I’m in total support of people working hard in the gym, eating right, and taking care of their bodies, but yesterday, I had an epiphany. These models are so highly paid, endorsed, and respected in this industry, that no one is willing to speak out about the type of content they are putting on their social pages. Specifically, certain magazines like Vogue, that shares videos, Instagram stories, and Snapchats of everyones favorite VS models working out. Titles like “How I Got Ready for the VS Runway Show” and “My Last Workout Before the VS Show” filled my social pages at the beginning of this week. The fashion show, which happened this week, is known for being the fashion show of the year. Models spend months preparing to walk down that runway, and it’s a career moment if you make it to modeling for that company. However, I don’t find those girls to be role models. Because the company is so known, it seems like a blurry line between talking about the top models, and promoting unhealthy obsessions and regimes. They might be role models because of how beautiful and wealthy they are, but are magazines promoting the right content by sharing videos about how much a model restricts before a runway show? I’d love to know your feedback: let me know in the comments below, or email me.

I decided to choose 7 natural models for this segment, because of the way that looking at underweight and fitness obsessed models makes me feel. That feeling in one word is insecure. I want people to watch my work and understand that I am just like you. I feel the same way when I look at models that other people feel. I wish that more natural models were asked to walk down top runways instead of all size 0 ones, but that just means I have to work a bit harder to help direct the industry in the way it needs to go.


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