The Girls

20 December 2016

“So are you in college?”

“When do you graduate?”

“How do you make money?”

“Is this sustainable?” 

I’m pretty much constantly asked a variation of those questions above, and rarely any other questions. Growing up, kids in high school always thought I was super rich. I’m not sure why, I think because I always wore nice clothes (Forever 21!!) and never spoke to people (I’m a weirdo) they automatically assumed I was wealthy.

Then I dropped out of high school, moved to Manhattan, and ended up on the Rachael Ray Show. So, things didn’t exactly add up in my life. That made people think I was a trust fund kid even more, which basically killed me.

How unusual is it for a 12 year old to start a blog, and four years later, still be writing and now making a career out of it? Why are people so afraid to take leaps and do things they’ve never done?

Without social media, my job wouldn’t be a job. I’m not a rich kid from Connecticut. I’m from the smallest, most average town in the world, and I had a dream I said I’d never give up on until I made it. I plan to live the rest of my life like that too, and you should too.

No, you don’t need $20k to do that. I definitely didn’t even have $1k in my bank account when I got up and moved to NYC at 17. Take my advice and do what you love. Never give up. If you’ve got the passion, it’ll pay off.




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