20 November 2018

I frequently talk about burnout because as an entrepreneur it’s unfortunately common during this “journey” but burnout is just as common for students and people who might work corporate jobs. I’ve been taking Sunday off of social media for over 5 months now and it’s truly changed my perspective on life and my mental health. I wake up on Monday feeling refreshed and cautious about how I let the internet affect me during my daily life. The web and primarily social media aren’t always happy and safe places for people to spend as much time as they do.

I find more young adults are battling burnout because so many people are focused on becoming viral sensations or growing their Instagram following that they’re getting depressed when they don’t reach that level during a period of time. It’s crazy how many people are so focused on superficial motives now that they lose sight of the bigger picture (this thing called living and being happy) and end up depressed or anxious. I deal with anxiety everyday and though the internet is rad, it doesn’t always help ease my anxiety or depression.

Earlier this year I reached out to Landmark Vineyards in Kenwood, CA to ask them whether they’d be open to hosting me for a media stay when I turned 21! We scheduled the trip to happen around my 21st birthday, and then work got in the way and most of my friends canceled on me so I rescheduled to last week. I’m glad I did because I spent over 15 hours on a plane last week so I was desperate for a bit of R&R. This was my first time in Napa and it exceeded my expectations. Landmark started off with giving us the most beautiful room EVER (my friend and I loved the cozy fireplace, cozy bathrobes and Keurig machine in the room) and a wine tasting/tour to try all of their fancy wines that are made on property. Wine is so fascinating to me: purple is one of my favorite colors and how cool is it that grape turns into wine? After our first night on their property we decided to venture out to another town called Sonoma before driving through Glen Ellen. I went to bed by 10 PM every night and woke up when I wanted to (I always wake up naturally around 7 but managed to sleep until 11 AM one morning) and on Saturday I felt refreshed and like a new person. How do I prevent burn out? TIME OFF.

TAKE TIME FOR YOURSELF AND YOUR MENTAL HEALTH. That might be 3 days, 3 hours or 3 weeks: do what you need to do to take care of yourself!


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