My Opinion on WAP

23 September 2020

This is a bit of an overdue blog post but I’ve been so swamped with the upcoming virtual Be Fearless Summit (this Saturday!!) that I haven’t been as up to date on current trends. Last week a few people asked me what I thought about a song that’s recently come out called WAP by Cardi B.

Since I have halted production on This is Life Unfiltered to work on a new podcast with my friend, I won’t be airing an episode on this topic, but I would have in the past. Maybe we’ll get deeper into talking about exploiting/ sexualizing women on the new show.

I find myself to be very liberal, and not a trend follower. I’ve always done my own thing, talked as openly about sex as I could, mental health, etc. This song made me feel degraded listening to – and I know that everyone will have a different opinion on this.

Here’s the thing: we’re at a point in time where we have so much access to EVERYTHING that we haven’t had in the past. That means access to unique job opportunities through different avenues, ways to make money like on OnlyFans if that’s what you choose to do, or building a brand on social media. It’s incredibly hard to set yourself apart in this already saturated market because it’s just that, saturated.

I truly get nervous about the amount of access the generations after me will have and continue to have. They’re seeing drugs, sex, and everything in between spoken about and showcased so openly, that there’s no true middle ground. I’d love to propose a bill to TikTok where kids under 18 are censored from hearing certain songs or watching certain videos, but will that make a difference?

Do I like this song? Nah. Is it catchy? Sure, but I’m not going to be blasting it around in my car. I love promoting women and promoting them to be sexually empowered, ENJOY having sex and do whatever they want with WHOEVER they want, but I have certain expectations for people in such high positions of power. Is Michelle Obama going around promoting women talking about their WAP and guys promoting their BDE?

NO. It’s one thing to have it as a lyric, but to use a song with that kind of language as the title of a song, during a day and age where it’s immediately going to go viral on platforms like TikTok filled with kids who don’t even know about their own sexuality yet…

Where does it end!?


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One thought on “My Opinion on WAP”

    So glad I’m not the only one who feels all these explicit content shouldn’t be made accessible to these young and FREE generation cos it’s very misleading for obvious reasons and I’m grateful Alexa that you presented it this way