My Microblading Experience!

7 June 2018

Anyone who knows me knows that I a) never wear makeup unless I’m working b) don’t know how to even apply makeup c) deeply believe that no one needs plastic surgery. 3 major life rules and facts about me that I live by! However, one of my good girl friends in LA happens to be a phenomenal makeup artist, and she offered to do my eyebrows in return for a blog post. Her name is Alix, and she’s the CEO of Hairy Little Things. Since I think she’s so awesome, I was down with the idea. When I looked up microblading, I realized that it’s a trendy beauty routine people are flocking after right now. Microblading is basically a tattoo for your eyebrows (not necessary in any capacity, and definitely not if you’re under 18) that replaces filling in your eyebrows or getting your eyebrows plucked. Again, I am not a beauty person at all, but I figured I’d take a chance and get my eyebrows tattooed!

Microblading is completed in 2 different appointments: the first one is done with 3 different series of “tattooing” where your eyebrows will become the shape you’re looking for. After about 4 weeks, most people return to the stylist to get them touched up. Alix told me she didn’t think I needed to go back for a second appointment because I didn’t have dark eyebrows from the beginning…I did decide to make another appointment for a touch-up because I want darker eyebrows now that I saw what they looked like for the first two weeks! After your first appointment, expect your eyebrows to be pretty dark and formed. After 1-2 weeks go by, your eyebrows will lighten up again.

I’m impressed with the concept behind microblading, and I see why people want to get it done. Though pricey (upwards of $550 for a solid stylist) you don’t want to just go to any person: microblading should be considered a tattoo, and treated like one! Would you randomly find a tattoo artist on Yelp and get a tattoo done? Alix works mostly on referrals, and has some top clients too (check out her celeb-filled Instagram)! Plus, she’s a true inspiration. When I met her last year, she was working out of a tiny studio in Beverly Hills. I was about to tear up when I visited her DTLA studio where she works with her two full-time employees. More women need to support women: let’s bring each other up instead of bring each other down!

Book an appointment with Alix or read her story at Hairy Little Things.



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