My Collection GIFs!

20 June 2019

I’m SO excited to release 5 GIFs for you to use on Instagram! When Wellness Media Lab reached out to me, I was pumped because I’m getting bored of using the same fearless GIFs on Instagram. If you head to your Instagram page and type in Alexa Curtis (we’re working on adding keywords so they pop up when you type in fearless) you can instantly attach these GIFs to any of your pictures from your story or on your feed.

What one are you, an “I’m Doing This For Me” cal or an “Alexa Curtis Made Me Do It” one? I really hope I’m inspiring you guys to get out of your comfort zone! If I’m not, tell me what I should do to get you to be fearless! Personally, I always go for the Be Fearless one. I think that we’re all doing something in our day to day life that is fearless and should be highlighted. Why not tell your friends and followers what you’re doing!?

Stay Fearless!


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