7 February 2018

Okay, so I’m pretty honest about how I was super young when I moved out. Most of you guys probably haven’t moved out yet or will move out when you are the normal age of 18. I say normal because moving out before 18 is not the best decision- you’re too young to try and tackle life on your own, I swear! I decided to move out when I was 16/17, and because of that, I have learnt SO much over the past 4 years. Like living with roommates sucks, but it has to be done when you’re first starting. Doing the dishes and the laundry doesn’t suck as much as you think it will. And having no financial support from your family? That’s tough!

Here’s what I wish I knew when I moved out: this is just a step of your journey. The real journey starts now, and you have to be willing to accept and love every part of your journey. You’re going to learn so much about yourself, and the kind of people you want around you, as you begin to become an adult. That’s not something to fear: that’s something to be nervous and excited for!

Listen to Episode 15 with Danielle Robay below: she moved out to LA and lived on a couch for so long when she first started! We all start somewhere!




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