Why You Might Not Want To Move Out (Yet)

17 January 2019

During this episode of This is Life Unfiltered, I’m talking about a controversial topic among many young adults- at what point are you really ready to move out? I moved out at such a young age, and though no part of me regrets moving out, I do wish I had lived home longer and saved more money. The reason I moved out was because I truly didn’t want to live at home anymore and I was more willing to live on the ground of a crappy 5-bedroom apartment than I was to live in the tiny small town I grew up in. I had no issues with my parents’ at all (besides total love for them) but I found living at home to be so difficult because I felt like no one really understood me. That’s a relatable feeling amongst many young people which is why I wanted to talk about moving during episode 57.

I’ve been in LA for over 1 year now and I finally feel ready to say that I no longer hate living here. The first year was the hardest year of my life being here: I felt alone, totally out of place and so confused. I couldn’t seem to make any friends, I was super confused about my career and why I broke up with someone I loved when I moved here- among a range of other topics. And now I’m ready to open up about my true thoughts on LA, what this city offers and my advice for those of you who want to move out but aren’t sure how to afford it.


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