Episode 85// Time To Move On And Up

14 August 2019

Happy Wednesday! First thing first, I’m thrilled to announce This is Life Unfiltered is officially available on iHeartRadio podcasts! Download the iHeartRadio app or head to their website and type in This is Life Unfiltered- Alexa Curtis to listen to TILU!

I’ve spoken openly about how and why I moved out of my parents’ house when I was 17. I never fit into the town I grew up in and I always felt like I wanted to explore more than what I was seeing in front of me. I was eager to learn and explore from a very young age and when you grow up in a small town (as much as I adore the town I grew up in) you have factors that hold you back. I was passionate about not letting anything hold me back from being successful. When I first moved out, I spent 30 days in a row at Sally Hansen Beauty Supply in Brooklyn, NY taking pictures of brands to email. I got one reply out of 100s of emails and made $1,500 from an Instagram takeover for a hair brand. That paid my rent for the first month & I had 700 Instagram followers.

Want to hear more? Listen to episode 85 of TILU below.


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