Moose Knuckles Canada (Sponsored)

27 February 2018

You guys are probably familiar with Canada Goose, right? They’re a high-end company based out of Canada that supplies super fancy coats and outerwear for wear below 20 degrees, literally! Back when I was 14, Canada Goose gifted me an awesome jacket. I’ve worn it ever since, but now that my jacket is getting some years old, I’m ready to find the next best winter fashion product…and I think I finally found the right company!

I came across Moose Knuckles a few weeks ago, and have been stalking their rad social media pages for a few weeks now. Founded in 2009, Moose Knuckles makes the leanest, toughest and most fashionable sportswear out of all of the fancy winter brands out there. With clothing for men and women, there are styles available for just about everyone. The styles are even more affordable than Canada Goose, so you’re getting a bang for your buck here. I adore the Debbie and Rosedale bomber- both for under $800, which is much more practical if you’re looking to invest in a hefty jacket that you’ll have for years. Some of my favorite styles are below:

Don’t forget to grab a hat or scarf on your way out- you never know when you’ll need a little warmth on your head!


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