Monday Motivation: How To Live A Fearless & Bold Life While Dealing With Anxiety

1 November 2021

Staying on the theme of understanding your personality type, wrapped a very fun interview with KXAN News in Austin this morning talking about how I combat my anxiety. Exercise and 20 minutes of morning meditation are two tricks that I talk often about because I definitely notice a difference in my overall mental health when I stay consistent with both. Most people don’t want to necessarily exercise 6 days a week like I do, but that’s totally OK- getting in a sweat 3 days a week is proven to improve your overall mood. I encourage you to try it and see how you feel!

Another item I’m loving this fall is Silk & Sonder notebooks. The brand reached out to me earlier this year to send me some of their self-care notebooks and I didn’t look twice at them (I get so many items I really only feature the products I instantly love) until I moved and found them under a pile of photos! After struggling with some personal stuff last month, I remembered that I had the November journal labeled “patience” and it’s been a blast writing in it. There are some simple exercises like going and looking at the leaves, tracking when you wake up and fall asleep, and writing down what you eat in a day that keep me focused when I’m feeling overwhelmed or anxious.

Anxiety is never fun to struggle with, but implementing some new routines and making some new rules for yourself will keep you on track. I promise!



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