How I Changed My Mindset

17 January 2020

Wearing the Be Fearless Summit hoodie in pink. 

I went to film a podcast episode today and my microphone is completely wonked up so I figured if I can’t film the episode today, I’ll write this post and do a long episode on the podcast next week! I was on the East Coast for most of December through New Year’s, which was a long time. I’ve lived on my own since I was 17, so going back home for so long to live under someone else’s roof (hi Mom) is never easy for me! After 2 weeks I pretty much go stir crazy and I begin to miss California. Oddly enough, I thrive here because I’m uncomfortable. That’s why I always advise you to be uncomfortable because that’s how you grow.

A few weeks ago I wrote about why I never make resolutions for a new year. I probably won’t ever make a resolution (I still have many goals!) but one aspect of my life I really wanted to focus on in 2020 was my mindset.

A few weeks ago I was at the Apple store in West Hollywood and I ended up meeting a fan which was a surreal experience for me. A few weeks ago I was next to Reese Witherspoon at the Grove and I’m just here trying to get my laptop fixed while in sweatpants! I thought about the experience (it’s not the first time I’ve been recognized but it’s definitely the first time I have been at such a famous spot) and I realized that for so many years I’ve just put my head down and worked. That’s all I do to this day, but being recognized for my work is awesome because I forget that success comes along with being noticed!

 Since I’ve never loved living in LA, I made a goal to stop hating it as much as I did last year. I will never feel like I’m at home here, but the past few weeks have been a bit of a transformation for me. I stopped letting myself hate the traffic and the little things (a lot of narcissistic people!) because I realized that I am right where I’m meant to be. Wherever you are in your life or career, I think we all need to remember that we’re right where we are meant to be. It’s easy to forget that you’re doing whatever the world has planned for you because you might get so caught up in the journey that you forget to look around.

If you refuse to let yourself think of being a “failure” you won’t be. For example, I’m so adamant and set on getting another show that I stop letting my mind trail off into the possibility of never getting another big “yes” because I already got one with my first show. I wasn’t expecting to land Fearless Everyday when I pitched that show, so the fact it happened was exciting and unexpected. Now I’m more prepared and determined for the next show I want.

Anything that occurs once can occur twice. You change your mindset, you change your life.

The next time your mind goes down a negative path, stop yourself. You may not end up with what you’re expecting…you’ll end up with better.


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