Alexa’s Favorite Mental Health Apps

15 January 2018

1.) Anxiety Reliever

Enables users to track their anxiety and offers relaxation exercises to calm your triggered nerves. There is also a free version of this app but it is limited. To use the full app, it is a $5.99 per month fee.

2.) Anxiety Coach

This app is your personal coach that you can access when you’re in need of help. This app helps you list your fears and helps you overcome them. It is useful for upcoming events you may be overwhelming yourself with. This app also includes self-tests, making plans, tracking your anxiety, and viewing your progress. A great app for all and costs a one-time fee of $4.99.

3.) Breathe2Relax

Designed by the National Center for Telehealth & Technology, this app helps us manage through stress by demonstrating breathing techniques. This app is very useful to those who have anxiety disorders, stress-related issues or PTSD.

Includes video, reading materials, and tracks your progress. Great for self-starts and free to all.

4.) CPT Coach

This app is specifically for those who are dealing with PTSD and currently going through treatment with a trained Cognitive Processing therapist. The app provides great information on PTSD as well as helping you schedule appointments or reminders and helping you correspond with treatments. Free to all.

5.) Happify

Self-guided app that aims to increase positivity through exercises and games. What is useful is that they provide you with a questionnaire and activities to help reduce worry, build relationships and cope with chronic pain. This app is free with paid upgrades and can range from $10.99-19.99

6) Headspace

This is a great app for anyone that wants to learn meditation that’ll help reduce anxiety, stress, and improvement of awareness. Great for beginners wanting to learn more. These skills includes breathing exercise, mediation practice, tips for anxiety relaxation. Included with these skills are presentation videos, podcasts, forums and many more. This app is free for the first 10 sessions only and then there is a subscription fee.

7) Calm Harm




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