National Mental Health Day & Day of the Girl

11 October 2018

Yesterday was mental health day, and I needed a mental health day for myself which is why this post didn’t go up yesterday! I had a bit of an unusual week: I’ll say a lot of rejection happened this week which gets me more down on certain days than others. As much as I love working for myself, when I have new ideas I have to rely on other people to approve them, for example a book deal or a show, so I know firsthand what the feeling of rejection feels like- and it SUCKS! Rejection is never a feeling you’ll get used to.

Michelle Obama appeared on the TODAY show this morning to announce a new initiative to empower girls around the world to go to school and become educated, which was a fantastic way to promote international day of the girl. Michelle Obama is such a kickass woman. I love her, and I hope all young people out there aspire to be like Michelle Obama when they’re older. Not the Kardashians and Cardi B, but someone like Michelle Obama! She’s a powerful force and someone who doesn’t just talk like Melania Trump. It’s one thing to sit in front of a bunch of news outlets and preach about bullying, but it’s another thing to get out there and use your voice to CHANGE the world. Michelle gets out in the community and uses her voice and influence to make a difference which is inspiring.

Over the next week when you find yourself getting anxious or depressed, take a mental health day if you didn’t take one yesterday. Maybe you need a mental health week! That’s totally OK too. Since today is a very important *holiday* it’s the perfect day to let your ideas come to life. Maybe today is the day you introduce yourself to the cutie in your class, or apply to college, or start a new club at your high school…whatever you can do to use your voice to empower those around you- do it TODAY! What’s holding you back?



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