A Mental Health Conversation With Dr. Fatima Watt

1 May 2020



It’s Mental Health Awareness Month! I’m celebrating all month long, starting with a Headspace giveaway on Instagram today. Earlier this week on Alexa and Friends (my IGTV show) I spoke with Dr. Fatima Watt who is the behavior specialist at Franciscan Children’s Hospital in Boston. A year or so ago I spoke at Franciscan’s to kids on the mental health unit, and it was one of my favorite career moments to date. I put together a recap of points that Dr. Watt mentioned during our live below, along with existing episodes of This is Life Unfiltered to inspire you to take care of your mental health this month AND the rest of your life!

  • It’s totally OKAY to cry. Fatima told us that she had a moment of sadness last week where she broke down crying around her kids, and she reminded them that it’s normal to cry. How can we change the conversation surrounding crying as a “weakness” among young people, especially men, instead of reminding everyone crying is normal? Mental awareness is key.


  • Franciscan’s is giving tons of free classes and resources out to help ease your anxiety and sadness during COVID. You can find those directly on their website.


  • Get outside, workout at home, and eat as healthy as possible. These are all ways to improve your mental health when you’re home. The cleaner you eat, the cleaner you’ll feel!



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