Meet Dr. Jill Grimes, Mentor Match mentor

1 October 2021
This week, I wanted to introduce you in-depth to Mentor Match mentor Dr. Jill Grimes. Dr. Grimes appeared on my podcast The New Unfiltered to discuss her thoughts on the COVID vaccine (go get it!) but she’s not just a Doctor. Dr. Grimes has been practicing medicine and writing books for most of her life. Her most recent book, The Ultimate College Student Health Handbook, received a President’s Book Award in Florida. Dr. Grimes is here to give you some advice on heading back to school this season.


is a HUGE problem & often the first physical manifestation of stress.

Solutions: All these above plus consistent sleep/wake cycles.

 Dealing with test anxiety & fear of public speaking

1 in 5 college students (20%)  suffer from text anxiety & 64% have fear of public speaking

Solutions: CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), breathing exercises, aerobic exercise, decreasing caffeine, arriving early, medication, specific study skills

Alcohol: Address the risks & the culture of “blackout” drinking

Solutions include having an “exit strategy” (like a code word) if you feel pressured to drink or have had too much.


Things you might not know about pot (THC content, 1 in 6 teens get addicted, what’s in it besides pot, how it can screw up job/internship opportunities)


Get vaccinated! Flu, HPV, COVID.


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