Mass Women

10 December 2016

Women are amazing. Women are powerful. Women are strong.

Women are leaders. 

When I started blogging, I never anticipated running a company. I never anticipated being a leader, trying to inspire people, or making money for doing something I am truly passionate about.

I had a dream; to inspire young adults (by my story) to follow their dreams. What began with me posting outfit pictures of myself online, turned into a platform of wisdom for me, and most importantly, you.

I was invited to cover the MA Conference for Women on Wednesday in Boston, and I was honored to be invited to spend the day surrounded by so many inspirational woman. 11k women showed up! I didn’t realize how many women there are out there trying to start companies, get their dreams funded, or follow whatever they intend on doing for the rest of their life. It was truly amazing. Annie Clark of End Rape on Campus, Gayle King, Sara Blakely of Spanx, and Kevin O’Leary of Shark Tank were just some of the people who spoke. I left each talk feeling inspired and motivated to keep pushing. Someone like Sara Blakely started Spanx with $5k in her pocket, and now she’s one of the most popular female billionaires. Do you see what the power of persistence can be? You can’t give up on your dreams.

Have an amazing weekend!



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