Influencer Intro: Maggie of Ramblerose Jewelry

24 March 2017

I met Maggie last year (I think, I’m starting to lose track of time) and fell in love with her aesthetic. She’s a young entrepreanur who started Ramblerose Jewelry, out of Boston, MA. Thanks to the power of the Internet, her business is growing rapidly. People love dainty, pretty jewels, and Ramblerose is just that.

Enjoy reading her perspective on running a business as a young entrepreanur!

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A: What inspired you to start your jewelry line?

 I took a jewelry class while studying abroad in Florence, Italy. I totally fell in love with the craft! When I came home, I assisted an artisan jeweler. I eventually started making my own designs and gifted them to friends and family. They encourages me to start my own line Etsy shop, which eventually grew into my business.

A: What are some struggles that you came across as a young entrepreneur? How have you worked through them?

 It can definitely be intimidating to go to pop-ups and trade shows where you are speaking with the customers in person. It doesn’t matter how well spoken you are, they will still SEE how young you look. Sometimes, it impresses people, but often, they tend to distrust your product with the assumption that you haven’t been doing this long enough to be an expert in your craft. I’ve worked through it by getting the product out there, having my loyal customers spread the word about the quality of the items, and presenting myself professionally every time I see customers in person. I am the brand, so I stand tall with confidence.

A:  What makes your jewelry different and unique compared to other companies out there?

 My designs are original and inspired by trends combined with energetic crystals. I think many jewelry companies out there either follow the trends and make the quick, cheap products, OR they follow really traditional standards and make outdated items using quality materials. I try to use quality materials like gemstones combined with today’s trends to set myself apart.

A: What are your goals for Ramblerose jewelry for this year? And the future?

 The goals are forever changing! This year I hope to get into more boutiques. In the future, I’m hoping to build my team to work in a more collaborative environment.

A: What is the best advice you could give to other young entrepreneurs to help them succeed?

 Work hard at your craft! I made hundreds of designs before I produced anything that was actually appealing enough to sell. You have to understand that before you can expect success, you have to put in the time to learn your necessary skills. Lastly, find people who are BETTER than you to collaborate with. Their skills will be invaluable in helping your grow your business.




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