London Fashion Week

21 February 2017

I pretty much stopped going to fashion week altogether last season. I stopped loving the experience, and thought of it more as a hassle vs. an enjoyable and thrilling experience. That’s part of the reason I decided to give away my tickets this season. For the most part, I saw that the kids who went as my writers had a much more enjoyable time than I would’ve had, and more importantly, they got the experience of a lifetime.

But, one city I can’t pass up FW in is London. The people, the atmosphere, and the culture here are unbelievable. In NYC, everyone can get into fashion week, while London happens to be much more prestigious and elite. Sometimes, you just want to be surrounded by people that are strong and charismatic individuals in your industry, you know? Fashion week used to be all buyers, and now it’s all friends of friends, college students and “bloggers”

I started my week off with Phoebe English and Charlotte Olympia, which were both super fun and intriguing shows. I loved the shoes at Charlotte Olympia, and I got to sit behind Laurel Pantin, Derek Blasberg and Chelsea Leyland. SO cool! The rest of the week seems like a blur, but that’s likely due to the fact I’ve been traveling for two weeks straight!

2 new posts just went up on my nonprofit page, M.I.N.T, about or team + social media, so read them here!

Also, my first post went up this week on Awesomeness about my top tips to starting a blog. Haven’t read it yet? Catch it here!




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