Spending the Week in London!

16 July 2018

On Saturday night, I returned to LA after a long two weeks of being out of town! Initially I was prepared to spend two weeks abroad with my mom, visiting my sister & nephew and London before going to Portugal for a few days, but then my *new* job ended up preventing me from spending too long out of town, so I had to buy a new plane ticket back and leave my mom in London! Hi, mom. I didn’t mind flying back early because I find myself getting really anxious and depressed when I am out of my usually working scenario for longer than 1 week.

For those of you who don’t know, my sister is 16 years older than me (crazy, right) and we have different dads, which is why we don’t look visibly alike. Growing up, people always thought Melissa was my best friend Gabi’s sister. We’re not super similar either: she’s a very straight to the point kind of person…I am too, but way nicer! A few years ago she moved to Istanbul with her now-husband, who she met in Manhattan when he was running a fashion company she got a job at. They fell in love and now live happily in Turkey and have an adorable son named Leo. Isn’t he seriously the cutest thing in the world? He’s so innocent and happy. I always tell him to stay little for forever.

My mom and I had some time to hang out in London without Leo, and while we were walking around one day, we walked right into the Trump protest in Trafalgar Square. Rarely do I discuss politics because I know everyone has a different opinion and it’s not my job to start WWIII with people hating on me for sharing my opinion…but, I’m a democrat and thought Obama was the best president to ever be in the White House. I voted for Clinton, and though I don’t think she’s a great candidate to be President, Trump is totally worse. My mom despises Trump along with me, so we joined in on the march briefly because Trump was in the area that we were visiting. This was my second march to be a part of in 2018! I honestly wish I was more caught up on world news because there’s a lot more that I should know than I do, but recently I’ve made a conscious effort to stay updated with what’s happening in the world. You never know when someone will bring up a world news topic with you and expect you to hold a conversation with them. Log onto BBC, CNN, Huffington Post even and read some articles about what’s happening in the world. It might seem boring, but the more you know about the world, the more valuable you are! If you have the opportunity to ever be a part of any march relating to a topic you believe in: I highly suggest taking part. The energy during any march is invigorating, and makes you feel like you’re really speaking up for what you believe in. What’s better than that?


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