Dear Logan Paul, Anxiety & Depression Aren’t Funny

5 January 2018

Disclaimer: I’m not a licensed therapist. However, I have training in mental health first aid and have battled all of these mental health issues on my own, so I am speaking from my own personal experiences and knowledge. If you need more resources, I made a huge list here.  

Logan Paul & YouTube have been under fire the past few days. If you aren’t familiar with what’s currently going on in the social media world, YouTube sensation Logan Paul released a video earlier this week that shows him in Japan, trying to put a humorous twist on a situation he found himself in in the “suicide forest.” The suicide forest is well-known place in Japan where people go to kill themselves. Something many of us forget is that most of the content on the Internet is fake, until it includes real life tragedies and events that take something real and make it superficial. His video is alarming, and makes me wonder how he has become the face of YouTube since he is seriously making fun of someone who hung himself. Maybe he’s never battled anxiety or depression, but I have, along with millions of other people out there. He has completely failed at inspiring young people, and failed even more at proving to people that he’s worthy of the success and fame he’s come into from his Vine career.

I could care less about Logan Paul’s career, but this incident brings up a deeper topic. People aren’t taking suicide, depression and anxiety as seriously as they should be. If you’ve faced anxiety or depression, or have friends who have, you’re familiar with how dealing with any mental health issue is painful. If you’re not familiar with anxiety or depression, they are very common among young adults who are coming into who they are and facing many decisions as they get older. Your depression and anxiety may never disappear for good, but they will be improved as you learn how to properly deal with them. I’ve battled both depression and anxiety, and I have anxiety that I deal with everyday. Mine can be incredibly severe, and often has me feeling isolated and scared. I speak weekly with my therapist about my anxiety, and we’ve come up with some tactics that might help improve your anxiety & depression.

1. 6 deep breaths in, 6 deep breaths out, 6 deep breaths in. 

2. 30-60 minutes of therapy EVERY WEEK. If you are having a hard time finding a therapist who takes your insurance, or if you’re having a hard time finding a therapist you like, please email me! 

3. Try visualizing. Close your eyes and imagine you’re on a beach watching the waves. Every time a tide draws to the sand, think of your problems, and let the tide take one at a time. 

4. Live in the moment. Whenever you have anxiety about the future, remember that you’re doing the best you can right now, today. There is no talk about tomorrow, or 1 year from now, or yesterday. You’re living in today. All you need to worry about is doing the best you can to be the best version of yourself today.

If you ever feel like you will never recover from your anxiety or depression, remember that you deserve to live a happy and fulfilling life. We’ve all got battles and inner demons: you can recover and live a fantastic life like you deserve to, I promise.




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