How To Live The Dream

16 January 2017

I’ve officially hired someone to start helping me create sweet BTS videos of my life/adventures! Welcome to the team, Akwasi of Finebox Studio! If you’re in the Boston area and need an incredible and professional videographer, this is your guy!

Since most people don’t have a chance to see me before/after an event or M.I.N.T talk, I want to start showing you guys what happens before and after. Being an entrepreanur is a 24/7 career, and most people don’t get to see the good and bad sides of this world. Obviously I always want you to see the coolest stuff, but that’s not real life, is it?

I’m in Boston this week before heading back to Connecticut this weekend to prep for the next M.I.N.T talk next week in Hartford, CT and another one in the Bronx! Life is cool as long as you’re doing what you love.

P.S. My giveaway with Caseology is still LIVE! All you have to do is subscribe above. Have a fantastic Monday!


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