Day to Night: LFW

15 September 2017

DVF via Rent the Runway dress, Asos heels

I’m back in London town! I can’t believe I was only hear a few weeks ago…back in July, I came to London & Spain with my boyfriend for Wireless Festival. It’s my fifth (I think) year being in London for Fashion Week. If you search through old blog posts, you’ll see all of my past collaborations with British Airways. Sure, you can fly to London with a budget airline (like WOW Air) but it’s nothing compared to the luxuries that come with flying BA. Poppy Delevingne was on flight to London, which was super cool! Over the past week, I’ve been seated next to Heidi Klum, Fergie, Poppy…I think I’m becoming a celeb magnet.

Back to flying BA: even in their economy seating, you are treated with such respect and kindness that most budget airlines don’t give you. The food is delicious and quality food- I always opt for the gluten-free meal that I choose prior to the flight, and you have unlimited alcohol, juice and water for the whole flight. Plus snacks! My seat reclined super far back on this particular flight, so I got a nice rest while in the air.

When we landed, we took the Heathrow Express directly to London. If you’ve never taken this train into the city, it’s seriously the quickest and most practical route to getting to London from the airport. They gave me a few free trips to review, so I decided to take the train to the city instead of a car. Once we got to London, we jumped on the underground and headed to our hotel. After resting for a bit, Gabe and I headed to a few pre-LFW parties (fashion week starts officially today). We started with Wolf & Badger, and then went to Amanda Wakeley, and ended the night at the New Look party. The New Look party was by far my favorite. Tons of top fashion bloggers were there, along with DJs like SimiHaze. I was over in the corner eating all of the free donuts because they were so freakin’ good. Like I’ve never eaten so many flaky donuts at once. Just wow.

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