Legacy, Love & What Truly Matters

31 May 2022

A few weeks ago I was at a meeting with a large VC fund in Austin, and someone in the meeting was so sweet and seriously inspired ME! Tanaka is a young adult with a podcast and his own mission to inspire more people to be fearless and unfiltered. In this episode we discuss everything from my background and childhood, to the evolution of my blog and Radio Disney show plus everything in-between.

Lately I’ve been getting asked super deep questions about my own thoughts on relationships and love on podcasts I’ve been interviewed on and I’m seriously loving answering those questions. I’m the most confident version of myself at this point in time and though I’m learning something new every single day, I feel very strongly about leading you guys towards figuring out your own purpose and mission through the experiences I speak so candidly about.

Hope you listen and learn something from Tanaka and myself on this episode of Campus Cuts!



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