The Lady Project

27 March 2017

Saturday was SUCH A COOL DAY!!! I feel like nothing super worthy of talking about ever happens on the East Coast (no offense, East Coasters) so I’m feeling like I have to head West lately to get in on the cool action…

well, The Lady Project is bringing swag back to the East Coast. On Saturday, a bunch of cool ladies hailing from CT, MA, RI and more headed to Providence, Rhode Island to indulge in a day full of speakers, swag, and goodies. I was most excited to see Ann Shoket, ex-editor of Seventeen Magazine, speak about her book and life. One thing I’ve come to learn is that life gets so much better when you have incredible people surrounding you. Having tons of guy friends is great, but nothing compares to being able to just talk with some girls who have similar interests to you. Ann hosts a group called Badass Babes, where she gets some similar women in a room to talk about issues that they’re dealing with. Like I battle with M.I.N.T., there really isn’t anyone else in the teen space that isn’t a celebrity talking about issues teens need to hear. I’d love to start having a group like the BB but for teens!

If you’re feeling like I did in high school, like you wish you had more friends (especially girlfriends) than look no further than A Life in the Fashion Lane. I used to be the girl who ate lunch in the bathroom because I literally had no cool chicks in my life, and now I like to consider myself pretty educated on the topic of friends. Depending on where you live, there’s lot of networking groups in your area. If you’re in Boston, I host a Meetup called Women for Women (find it on and I’m hosting one next week in San Francisco, but your school usually has groups for girls too! Or, take it into your own hands to start your own Badass Babes dinner. You’d be surprised at how many girls in your school are probably facing the same insecurities that you are- you just have to be willing to search a little.




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