KTLA in Hollywood

12 October 2017

Wearing AllSaints with hair + makeup by Glamsquad 

As you know, I usually do TV segments that have tons of models, prep, and brands involved. When I’m doing fashion or lifestyle segments, I don’t have the creative power I usually like. For the most part, I become a brand, and not a human being. When you’re any age, but especially 19, being considered a brand can start to get to you. I feel forced to act and say certain things that I wouldn’t necessarily say if it was me, on my own.

 I’ve been wanting to go on KTLA for ages now, since I literally first started blogging! I know I say that about every show, but I have always wanted to appear on this particular morning show. It has tons of celeb + hard news content, which is why it’s pretty much a hit show.

Last week, the producer reached out and asked if they could interview me on the Forbes article, and on my nonprofit, M.I.N.T.! Patience is key, my friends. It’s easy to get upset when you think things “don’t move fast enough” or you constantly feel like you’re wanting more. Unfortunately, there isn’t any positive outcome that comes from being impatient. My parents, my boyfriend, and my best friends have all taught me how crucial patience is, and I think their advice is finally sinking in.

I’ve never had a stylist, partially because I didn’t want to pay for one when I could get clothing for free, and because I do like choosing my own outfits. Since it’s always been a dream of mine to appear on KTLA, I wanted to take a little risk and hire a stylist for this shoot. I ended up coming across Michael Saint Michael on Instagram, and I reached out to inquire about styling me for the segment. I met up with him at Hotel Angeleno, and was surprisingly nervous about what he’d put me in…the first look ended up being the one I chose, and we didn’t have to try on more than two outfits for me to pick the first one! Now I’m never going to NOT have a stylist- HAHA! I adore this look, and Glamsquad sent me a fantastic team this morning for my hair/makeup. I always laugh when I see pictures of myself totally natural, and when I see pictures of myself in full glam. It’s totally different vibes, but I love both images. No one wakes up looking TV ready- remember that!

I hope you love the segment! Thank you guys for your continued support: I couldn’t do it without you.




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