Episode 86// Fitness Entrepreneur Janine Delaney

21 August 2019

More often than not, you have to work a “stable” 9-5 job to be able to afford to run your side hustle all the time. Whenever I present at a college or speak to eager high school students who are looking to start their own companies, they all want to jump right to being uber successful but don’t realize there are steps to follow to get to that level! Don’t rush the journey.

There is no shame in having to work a corporate job (ever) but definitely there is no shame in having to do two things at once to reach your end goal.

@janine_delaney stopped by @tilupodcast today to talk with me about finding online fame a little later on in life 😉 and why she’s never been ashamed to work two jobs to be able to pursue entrepreneurship full-time. Listen now on all podcast streaming platforms 🎙 #livelifeunfiltered


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