#WCW: Meet Jacqueline Means, A Young Adult With A Mission

2 October 2019

About Women Crush Wednesday: I love having the chance to interview different people on both of my shows, from up and coming entrepreneurs to kids across the world doing amazing things for the world. I frequently come across people that I’d love to interview but don’t necessarily have the time to interview, or we can’t match up our schedules, so I wanted to start a new weekly profile on Life Unfiltered to bring attention to even more people in the world making an impact.

Jacqueline Means means business. Originally from Delaware, Jacqueline’s mission is to inspire kids across the country to get involved with tech.  In Delaware, more than 60% of kids drop out of school in her city. That’s a crazy high percentage, and she’s on a mission to bring that statistic down!

Not only does she maintain a 4.0 GPA (much better than my 1.9 GPA in high school) she teaches science in a fun and engaging way. Jacqueline hosts empowering STEM events on a regular basis for young women. She reminds me of a young Karlie Kloss!

Let Jacqueline be a reminder that you don’t have to have 3 million Instagram followers to make a difference in the world. What you need is drive and passion to make the world a better place, and everything else comes after that.

Thanks for your fabulous work, Jacqueline! Keep making a change in your community.


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