Kiawah Island

28 July 2017

J.Crew top & shorts

I never want to leave vacation life. It’s the most relaxing thing in the world living on the water for a period of time. I feel weird using the word “vacation” because when I travel, I never actually take a vacation. I feel like a vacation would be an entire week with no cell phone, no pictures, and a whole lot of food. Luckily, I got to take a vacation when I was in Ibiza a few weeks ago, which was the closest to a vacation I’ll probably ever get! For this opportunity, I had a bunch of work to get done now that back to school season is approaching, so I was on my phone 24/7!

My best friends and I headed to Kiawah Island Golf Resort this week to get some true bonding time before two of us head off to Cali for a few months. I had heard such fantastic things about Charleston from a bunch of people, so when it came to deciding where to go, I knew this Southern city was going to be a charm. We ended up staying on a golf resort, and even though none of us golf, we got to bike, eat, swim, and hang at the beach all day. I have a few friends from the South, and it’s so funny to see how Southern people live because I’ve only ever been around my Southern friends in CT or NYC. I thought people would be eating more biscuits and working out much less- but it was the opposite! I’ve never been to such a fit city. Even Austin and Boston doesn’t compare to Charleston. Food wise- Charleston is still lacking on the health front of things. They’ve got a few rad juice bars with bangin’ acai bowls, but no amazing gluten-free bakeries or anything yet. It takes a decent 10 minutes here to get a coffee. Southern living = slowwwwww livinggggggg.

Have you been to Charleston? Where did you end up when you visited? I stayed on the golf island for the first three days, before transferring to a downtown Charleston hotel for our last night. I definitely liked being in a remote area for the first portion of our trip because Charleston didn’t have too many options for adventures during the day.

I’m at the airport now taking a flight back to Boston before heading to NYC for the day tomorrow! I’ll be putting up a new #SexEdforTeens video next week because I didn’t have time to film anything this week. In the meantime, watch my most recent vid here! 


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